Teeny Tiny Chronicles, Chapter 2: Cool Walk

COOL WALK Remember MC Hammer’s parachute pants and gloriously 90s dance moves? When Hammer rose to pop culture stardom, my father seized the opportunity to capitalize on the phenomenon. In the early 90s, my sister and I were tweens, that particularly obnoxious phase between “sweet, innocent child” and “angsty, hormonal teenager”. There is nothing a... Continue Reading →

Drinking Mercury

"Do you know Smashing Pumpkins are coming to Boston?" My best friend Adam and I had been watching music videos at the time, and, as a matter of fact, I didn't even know The Smashing Pumpkins were back together, let alone touring. I rely purely on other people for any updates on entertainment or pop... Continue Reading →

Music Video Monday: Solara

Today on Music Video Monday, "Solara" by The Smashing Pumpkins This week, my best friend and I are going to see Smashing Pumpkins in concert, so what better way to kick off the week than with their latest video? This song gets stuck in my head all the time, and the video is all kinds... Continue Reading →

Brock Turner Is Still a Rapist

Brock turner has been trying to get away with sexual assault for years after being infamously caught in the middle of raping an unconscious woman by two graduate students who called him out, chased after him, and pinned him down until police came. After failing to lie his way out of custody, he was put... Continue Reading →

Question for readers: POV

Attention, people who read: When it comes to stories you enjoy reading, does the point of view matter to you? If it does, do you prefer 1st person, 3rd person, 3rd person omniscient, or something else I haven't listed, and why? I am not including the 2nd person, because unless it's a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book, I... Continue Reading →

Music Video Monday: Sledgehammer

Today on Music Video Monday: “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel The music video is what sold me on this song as a kid. I can never watch it without trying to grasp how much work must have gone into making it. The “Sledgehammer” video was groundbreaking with its use of stop motion film and various animation... Continue Reading →

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