Coupons Are Not Hand Grenades

This is the Finest Nerd Czarina, and I hate the news. Today in White People Using 911 As Customer Service, Morry Matson, a white CVS manager in Chicago, called the police when Camilla Hudson, a black customer, tried to use a coupon. It was a manufacturer’s coupon that she’d received for a defective product, entitling her to a replacement item.

However, it seems that the manager of this CVS needs to get his eyeglass prescription checked, because he must have thought it was a hand grenade with the way he reacted. He got angry, accused Hudson of forgery, and called the police.

The cops initially told Matson to bug off, but he tried again, claiming that the customer’s behavior was escalating. She was filming the incident with her phone and not, oh, throwing rocks through the windows, which I personally would have felt like doing. Good for her, showing some restraint.

Look at how terrified Morry is! He is shaking so hard, he might as well be standing naked in the middle of the Arctic. Again, Hudson was trying to use a COUPON from the MANUFACTURER. That’s it. The police came and went, and no reports were written.

Once upon a time, I worked in retail management, and there had been instances when customers used coupons that were not eligible for use in our store. Simply explaining the situation to the customer would suffice. Also, there are numbers to call and verify that the coupon is legitimate or not. I would have said, “This isn’t a coupon I have seen before; let me just call in about it to make sure I am able to process it correctly.” Boom. It’s not hard not to be a dick to your customer.

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The kicker is that Matson is running for local office, is a proud Trump supporter, and heads a conservative LGBTQ group. And he was busted for forgery a few years ago. I’m certain it was for more than just trying to use a valid coupon in a national chain pharmacy. Double standards, much? Luckily, both Matson and another manager involved in this disgraceful turn of events were fired from CVS. Let’s just hope that they don’t need to use any coupons in the near future.

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