China Is Biding Its Time (Maybe.)

HELLO, this is the Finest Nerd Czarina, and I hate the news! You may have assumed that I have been less angry about the news, since I haven’t been complaining about it as much. Perhaps I have become more optimistic about the times we’re living in. Maybe I became a Tr*mp supporter and now love everything the Orange Fuhrer does to bring us closer to being annihilated by the rest of the world. But alas… I have been both bogged down by work and with personal issues, so I found it hard to sit down and let the rage flow from my fingertips.

Today is a new day, however, and I will resume sharing my irritation with the world around me.

Are you still there? I know how obnoxious lengthy intros can be.

illuminated city skyline at night
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Speaking of becoming a huge target for the rest of the world’s ire, a recent report out of the Pentagon suggests that China may be training their pilots to target the USA for various military exploits. Also, the military is looking to upgrade such that their long-range bombers would have nuclear capability.

It’s almost as if the Chinese government has seen DT insult world leaders, including Canada, the one country nobody else hates (seriously, does anyone dislike Canada? Anyone?) and are waiting for the moment he decides to hurl an insult in China’s direction, so they can justify sending those bombers in our direction.

And to that, I say: Please just aim for the White House or Mar-A-Lago. I promise, everyone would walk away a winner.

Let me point out that these are not 100% proven facts, but rather speculations that have come from some intelligence; they could be completely off base, for all we know.

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