Earthlings Are Gross

This is the Finest Nerd Czarina, and I hate the news. You know what else I hate? Litter. Why are people so lazy that they can’t just walk over to the trash can or recycling bin and properly dispose of their trash? I know many people don’t mind living in their own filth, but I persoanlly would rather not, nor would I want to live in the filth of other people.

This is why it really makes me angry to find out that our trash has been spotted on other planets. No, it isn’t as gross as an empty jug of milk or a cereal box, but it’s still a man-made object that fell onto Mars’ surface, and it shouldn’t be there.

Seriously, Earthlings? It’s bad enough that we trash our own planet, but then we went and trashed our atmosphere… and now we’re trashing our neighbors. If a more intelligent extraterrestrial species discovered our world and took out their rage on us for being slobs, I wouldn’t be mad.

gray and white robot
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