You, specifically! Are you ready?

This week in unpopular opinions that have annoyed people:

    • I don’t think vaccines cause [insert diagnoses here].
    • I would rather have a child with [insert any of the above] than a child who dies from a preventable disease.
    • Person-centered language. This isn’t really an opinion; it’s being a decent person who uses language that ensures that people are being described as people, but I guess some folks have a hard time with this? Idk.
    • When a famous or semi-famous person behaves in a manner that results in innocent people losing their lives, I think we need to stop obsessing over celebrity and remind ourselves that there are innocent people who legit just died because someone couldn’t handle the fame/money/enablers and became careless.

There are a few more, but these just make me rub my temples in frustration. I don’t care if anybody disagrees with me, but I feel like stating my stance on certain topics can be seen by some as a personal attack, rather than just a general opinion. “YOU, SPECIFICALLY YOU OVER THERE, ARE AN ASSHOLE BECAUSE YOU STILL STAND BY LOGAN PAUL”. No. I think it’s a poor choice, as he continues to make idiotic choices in his life, but saying, “Logan Paul needs to stop” is just my opinion about Logan Paul and not about anyone who says “OMG I hope he never stops”.

My opinions are so rarely meant to be personal attacks, so this assumption is always baffling. I would rather have a discussion about our differences than a drive-by troll comment about how I am a horrible person. I mean, yeah, I know I’m a horrible person! Expand on this! We probably won’t change each other’s minds, but it’s always good to know where the other side is coming from.

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That being said, there are a few groups of people I will probably never try to reason with: Hardcore Tr*mp supporters, Tr*mp/GOP members, and toxic males. The latter would have to be willing to accept the fact that some “typical” male behavior is fucked up, but so many dudes are so unwilling to let go of the idea that it isn’t okay to catcall, stalk, strike, blackmail, or harass women, it’s unsettling. You choose the team you’re on, bbs.

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