Music Video Monday: Forget Me Not (live)

This is kind of embarrassing. I wrote the following blurb about this song/particular video a couple of years ago. It wasn’t about anyone in particular, but I was clearly feeling a bit melancholy about my friendships or lack thereof at the time. While I cringe at how unhappy I clearly was, I’m going to be a champ and post this publicly because I can’t say that I’m not still somewhat insecure about maintaining long-term friendships. I read somewhere that the biggest miracle Jesus Christ ever performed as making 12 friends in his thirties, and whoever originally came up with that is 100% correct. It’s cute when a Kindergartener approaches another and says, “You like jump rope, too? Let’s be friends!” but when I do it, it’s “Security, please escort this woman off the property.” That’s the kind of inequity that makes it hard for people of a certain age to make friends. Add to that, my introversion, weirdness, and general dislike of meeting and talking to people, and you have the perfect storm of solitude. It’s a good thing I’m charming and witty, or else I’d be completely out of luck!

I digress. Today on Music Video Monday, “Forget Me Not” by The Civil Wars. Here is my original review of this live version of the song:

Most of the time, when an artist/group makes a music video, it’s dubbed with the studio track. In this case, The Civil Wars performed their song live, walking down the street, with the wind blowing into their mics, people watching from their driveways, and all sorts of other distractions. The result is so much more pleasant and “real”, if you will, than your standard polished music video.

In life, you have friends you just tolerate, friends you like, and friends you love. Occasionally, if you are very lucky, you will befriend someone who is the salt to your pepper, the yin to your yang, the Thelma to your Louise, the Morrissey to your Johnny Marr. Joy Williams and JP White seemed to exemplify (before they parted ways, which broke my heart) the kind of love one person has for another that is, in no way, sexual or romantic, but, rather, is something much more intense and pure. I ache for a friendship like that. However, I fear that I will always love someone too much, or not enough, for it to ever happen. It’s a very delicate balance, and I am neither delicate nor balanced.

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