Nothing, really.

Finest Nerd Czarina here. Listen. There has been a lot going on lately in this world that has been fucked up and horrible and has made me plan out a very detailed escape route to Canada. (My Canadian accent is on point!) Don’t mistake my lack of ranting for being somehow less hateful of the news. I feel like we’ve reached a point where we say, “How can this get any worse?” and are then unpleasantly surprised when it does, in fact, get worse.

If my American friends can get to the polls thiscoming Tuesday and vote, that’d be great.

In other news: National Novel Writing Month has started today, and if I don’t count this post, my word count is a very strong 0, so I’m going to work on that right now. Maybe I can write a story about a utopian future where world leaders actually know what they’re doing/talking about, all people are treated humanely, and everyone was at least smart enough to figure out fact from fiction.

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