Fun stuff they don’t tell you about writing

I don’t know who “they” are.

  1. You may end up searching for the strangest stuff on the internet, not because you personally are interested in the topic, but because it pertains to your plot, and you don’t want to sound completely clueless. My MC’s family has a real estate business, another character was a sex worker, and at one point, everyone was out being tourists at a place I had personally never been to. My search history is WHACKED.
  2. You will write so much that you start to hate writing and doubt yourself as a writer. In fact, you’re surprised you can speak intelligible English (or whatever your primary language is) to begin with.
  3. It can be really hard to get started. Every day. Or after every break period.
  4. Writer’s block is a real thing. I have to turn the brightness on my screen as low as it can go, and then start typing blindly so I don’t judge myself.
  5. You may look back at your abandoned previous writing projects and realize that you don’t suck as a writer. In fact, you may wonder how you were ever that smart once upon a time, and what happened.
  6. EVERYBODY WANTS TO READ YOUR CRAPPY, ROUGH, UNFINISHED, UNPOLISHED TURD OF A DRAFT. No! Bad! Hiss! If you want to be helpful, a) wait, and b) encourage your writer-friend to keep it going.

The list goes on, but that’s all that comes to mind right now, as I fail NaNoWriMo for the 2nd time in a row. I’m still working on the story, though. I promised myself that I can’t succumb to my disease until I finish this one…

…which, I learned, is not a great promise to make yourself. May I live longer than a single manuscript.

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