Today in Garbage Non-Food: Most Stuf Oreos

When I first saw a post about these, I thought it was a joke.


To my horror, I learned that this is a real product that people can buy and consume. In fact, it was released last year and is making another appearance on store shelves! My friend was very excited about this, as he posted on his social media page. I could not disagree with him more.

Now, I admit that I was one of those kids who didn’t like the stuffing of Oreo cookies. I used to scrape it off and eat the chocolate part by itself. My disgust doesn’t come from mere personal preference, though. If it was merely that, I would have scrolled past and never thought about them again. This friend is very polarizing and loves to stir up heated discussions on his page, so I didn’t hold back my views about these Most Stuff Oreos.

“Unpopular opinion here,” I said, “but what is the point of this cookie? The filling is, what, sugar and oil? That sounds disgusting…  75% of us [in the USA] are overweight/obese and we do not need this kind of fake food.”

He told me to simmer down.

Like I said to him, I know I have the choice to just ignore these kinds of things and simply not partake if I feel so strongly against them. The reason why I’ve become more vocal about it now is that I’m noticing it more than I used to, and I have seen the negative effects on people near and dear.  So I don’t get accused of calling people out, I’m going to use myself as an example: I am an overweight person who used to be morbidly obese. I was a fat child. I grew into a fat adult. Until relatively recently, I didn’t see what the big deal was about big companies peddling this stuff to consumers, either. What’s the harm in one cookie?

Nothing. But you’re not going to buy a package to eat just “one” cookie, are you?

The truth is, no food is inherently bad. What’s “bad” is the fact that people are eating this kind of food far too often, in much larger quantities than is healthy. I used to be among this group of people, not necessarily eating these Oreos, but I was certainly eating a lot of other junk that wasn’t doing anything for my body except make me sicker and fatter. If non-food junk like this is part of a person’s regular diet, if they see absolutely nothing wrong with eating the entire package of these, then that is the problem. If you “indulge” every single day on something like this, then that is the problem. That’s why I’m so grossed out by the idea of these cookies.

Some of you are mad, and that’s fine. Go buy your Double Triple Diabetes Stuff Oreo; I couldn’t care less what individual people do with their lives. The truth, though, and the fact don’t really give a shit about your feelings.

Happy Thanksgiving!





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