Bad Romance

I came across a long, rambly post in a private journal from a few years ago. It was about my thoughts on Final Fantasy XV. I had so much to say, at the time, about what I felt was lacking (though I did, and still do, overall love the game). In summation: The female characters... Continue Reading →

Something to think about

We live in a world where the Speaker of the House will get in trouble for calling the President's comments racist, but the president who made the racist comments isn't currently facing any kind of retribution. Moral of the story: If you're a rich white man in power, you can literally do whatever you want... Continue Reading →

Music Video Monday: Thirty-Three

Today on Music Video Monday: “Thirty-Three" by The Smashing Pumpkins Thirty-three, for how many years the rotted, deplorable Adam Swierk of The Paper Clown has terrorized the earth with his resting bitchface, neverending scowls, and lack of discernable enthusiasm for anything. He's also my best friend, and I love him. Happy birthday, jerk.  

Love and Apostasy in the Modern Era

Most - and I mean an overwhelming majority - of my loved ones are religious. I have nothing against people who hold fast to their religious beliefs, whatever they are. I don't have time to judge or hate theists, even if they share suboptimal memes about hellfire and brimstone in the comment section and repeat... Continue Reading →

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