On Not Being Delicate or Pretty

"If Rebecca is having another girl," he said, "she and her husband are going to try again until they have a son. Her husband really wants a boy." I don't remember where we were at the time, but I couldn't stop myself from going on a tirade. Rebecca and her husband had three daughters. It... Continue Reading →

Coupons Are Not Hand Grenades

This is the Finest Nerd Czarina, and I hate the news. Today in White People Using 911 As Customer Service, Morry Matson, a white CVS manager in Chicago, called the police when Camilla Hudson, a black customer, tried to use a coupon. It was a manufacturer's coupon that she'd received for a defective product, entitling her... Continue Reading →

Music Video Monday: Who

Today on Music Video Monday: "Who" by David Byrne & St. Vincent I have an odd fascination with David Byrne, and any collaboration between him and St. Vincent is amazing, so this video could do no wrong tbh.

Love vs Privacy

This is the Finest Nerd Czarina, and I hate this meme. A friend of mine found this solid piece of relationship advice on the internet: She shared it because she wholeheartedly disagreed with it, and frankly, so do I. Being in love with someone doesn't mean that they are suddenly entitled to know literally everything... Continue Reading →

Groping, Live on TV

This is the Finest Nerd Czarina, and I hate the news. I might be a little bit late to react to this, especially since the incident happened in 2014, but in the last week, a video clip resurfaced of an X Factor interview, where Louis Walsh is clearly seen holding Mel B (Melanie Brown of... Continue Reading →

Music Video Monday: Music Is My Hot Hot Sex

Today on Music Video Monday: “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex” by CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) This video gives me the sense that the band lost the footage to their original video and had to throw another one together last-second using all the outtakes.

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